Short but busy week so far!

With the students being out Monday, this week seems a little rushed. Right now there is so much that I want 6th grade Tech to learn, and I’m running out of time. I wish I could have them for another year. I dearly love this group of students. They are so neat and know so much about the computer. They are like sponges. Just show it to them and they soak it up. This week I introduced them to a web tool call “Voki.” “Voki” is a talking avatar which you will see on each of the blogs. I keep throwing new things at them, and they keep up with me without a complaint. I keep thinking, “Oh I have to show them this before the year is up, and I have to show them this also…..” I just have so many things I want to show them and so little time. They are a fantastic group!!!!

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  1. I want to stay with you too

  2. I wish we could stay here with you because we all love you

  3. I want to stay, we are doing cool things in here

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