Tonight is the Electra Classroom Teachers’ Benefit!!!

It’s finally here…the Electra Classroom Teachers’ Benefit! Many of you have been working so hard and so have the teachers. I know parents, grandparents, family members, and friends can’t wait to watch you perform! I’m going to have my camera ready for that candid shot that I can place on our website to mark your moment of fame. We will also get to see high school’s royalty and see who gets crowned the most beautiful and handsome. Now some of you 6th graders¬†could grab that title right this moment if you ask me! ūüėõ

The time is from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm. The tickets are $3.00 for adults and $2.00 for students. All preschoolers will get in free. If you are in the benefit, there will be no charge for admission. Come with your cameras, your manners, and the intent to have a fantastic time. The program is going to be very entertaining. Mrs. Bigbie has brought back the old classics through old television shows and commercials. For those of you that are in it, I’ve been hearing what great actors you are! So Electra Elementary, Electra ISD, Electra Texas, and the world, come to Electra High School auditorium tonight and see our budding stars and supporting our Electra Classroom Teachers’ Benefit. All proceeds go to a scholarship that is given yearly to support a graduating senior.¬† Hope to see you there!

Teachers’ Benefit and Relay for Life

This week is the Teachers’ Benefit.¬† Many of you are in it.¬† For those of you that aren’t, come support your classmates and the benefit.¬† The proceeds from the benefit go for a scholarship to give to a graduating senior each year.¬† Who knows, you might be awarded the scholarship when you graduate.¬† The program is this Thursday at 7:oo pm. Mrs. Bigbie and the students have been working very hard on the program.¬† It’s centered around old TV shows and old commercials.¬† I know that it’s going to be a really good program.

Don’t forget about the Relay for Life page that I want to build for our site.¬† If you have pictures that you want to put on the page, bring them.¬† Don’t forget about buying the cupcakes!¬† The class that buys the most cupcakes will get a cupcake party.¬† The money goes to Relay for Life to fight cancer!¬† Also you can sign up for a painting class called Pocket Picasso, all supplies included, for $40.00.¬† The class is called “Put a Lid on Cancer.”¬† Registration is open till Friday, May 1st.¬†To register,¬†you can contact Mrs. Buchanan or me.¬† The class will be held at the Electra Community Center¬†on Monday, May 4th from 6:00 – 9:00.¬†¬†You can paint your plaque however you like. ¬†The proceeds will go to the Electra Relay for Life team -“Plowing Over Cancer.”

Pocket Picasso

Pocket Picasso

Relay for Life – May 15, 2015


Relay for Life is May 15, 2015 here in Electra. If you’ve noticed, there have been announcements that the class that buys the most cupcakes will get a cupcake party! Gabe and I are on Mrs. Buchanan’s team, “Plowing Over Cancer.”¬† Cancer has touched many members of our family. My grandmother, grandfather, dad, mother-in-law, two uncles, grandmother on my¬†husband’s side, and mother all have had cancer. Many of these died from this terrible illness. I love all of these people dearly, but the one that Gabe and I fought so hard for was my mother and the one that he called “mamma.” We called ourselves the “three amigos.” We went everywhere together, and she lived with us to the end. Her battle with cancer was a hard one. Her cancer would hit different parts of her body. She would get that spot free of cancer only to have it show up in another spot on her body. She fought and won for six years. Finally it settled in her face and shoulder. She lost her battle on February 8, 2012. “Mamma’s” story isn’t really any different than any others or any that you may have experienced in your own family. It’s so sad that children your age have to watch or even go through the effects of cancer. We all need to put out the word to the community to come support the Relay for Life May 15. Teams will be doing fund raiser and remember the cupcakes here at school!!!! Lets all do what we can to “Plow Over Cancer.” I don’t want anyone else to have to go through what these precious souls had to.



Enjoy Your Last Days In Elementary

¬† I know that spring fever has set in.¬† This time of the year it always does.¬† I begin to hear students talk about wanting school to end, and how they are worried about the STAAR test.¬†¬†I know that you feel like you have so much to do and there’s a lot expected of you.¬† The fact of the matter is, you’re correct.¬† However, you’re a smart group¬†that can handle anything that comes your way.¬† So calm down, don’t worry about the tests, and enjoy your last days in¬†elementary.¬† You will never get to come back to these days¬†again for the rest of your lives.¬† Hang on and memorize each second.¬† They will pass by so fast.¬† One day you will wish you had them back for just one more¬†hour again.¬† Time begins to fly faster and faster each year.¬† Today it’s elementary…tomorrow its Jr. High..then High School.¬† Do you remember the first day that you walked into kindergarten.¬† I remember walking into Mrs. Hoff’s room with Gabe and Korby was in there.¬†They were both so little.¬† ¬†Seems like yesterday.¬† Now you’re in 6th grade about to go to Jr. High.¬†¬†¬†Try to¬†make a few lasting memories before you go.¬† It’ll be over before you know it, and then elementary will¬†be in you past.¬†

I hope that you all have a happy Easter!


Spring has sprung and Easter is almost here!¬† Time is definitely flying.¬† It seems like the other day, we were making our haunted houses for Halloween.¬† Time needs to slow down.¬† I’m not ready for you all to leave.¬† I know you’re excited about going to high school.¬† Gabe talks¬†about it¬†more and more!¬† I try not to think about it!!!!¬† You’re a good group!¬† May God bless you this Easter and may the blessing flow on to the coming year.¬† You all deserve it. ūüôā