Tiger Spirit Alive for Electra’s Homecoming


        Town bustled Friday and Saturday with all of the Homecoming activities.  EHS Tiger spirit was alive and well in our small town.  It’s amazing how our small community works so hard to pull this yearly event off.  But…of course our town is amazing and so are the people of Electra.
        The Friday night’s game against Archer City just shows that our Tigers are a force to be reckoned with!  The Tigers secured a win again Archer City with a score of 34 to 14.  Then of course at half-time the band marched out on the field presenting the former Exes and the 2015 Homecoming court.  Hannah Daniels was crowned this year’s Homecoming queen.
        The Homecoming parade started out slightly wet Saturday.  However the people rallied together and were real troopers.  The parade went as planned.  It was spectacular as usual.  After the parade, you could walk down town for a car show, eat at the Chuck Wagon feed, check the Grand Theatre auction out, shop and buy from the from our local businesses and/or the community members that had setup small booths, or just visit.
        I heard someone comment that the “hometown atmosphere” in Electra never goes away.  I for one am proud of our small town and it’s people.  The town has a heart that beats from each of it’s citizens.  That is why Electra keeps going and it’s traditions live on.



Blackout Pep Rally Showed Spirit!

          Last night’s Blackout Pep Rally showed so much Tiger spirit!  Everywhere you looked, the gym was lit up with glowing lights of all kinds.  The cheerleaders put so much work into making this event a great success.  It was also great seeing all of the cheerleaders perform from the minor leagues.  And… what about those Tigers walking in with the our future Jr. Tigers!  This year’s Homecoming is coming along with a bang.  Come to the game Friday night to support the Tigers and be a part of all the Homecoming events.  Don’t forget the parade Saturday morning and checkout downtown Electra out!

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Busy Week and We’re Behind!

 This week in our 5th and 6th grade Tech we have tried to figure out an app called “Dojo.” It’s not that we don’t understand it; the problem we have faced is getting the students access. They need their parent’s email.  Why does every company need emails and phone numbers 🙁 ?  Even when parents have signed up and given their emails, the students are still having problems getting access. I like the program but it is not user-friendly.  Unless they make major changes, I will probably go to something different next year.
           We are going to definitely start the blogs this coming week. I promise 7th grade!!!! I know some of you have waited on me. Speaking of the 7th grade, the Cubs have done pretty good in the football area. I hear the same for the girls in volleyball. I have pictures of the 7th grade Cubs, but I wish I had pictures of all of them and of the girls. Check out the picture the boys sent me!
 7th Grade Cubs          This week is homecoming.  What an exciting week!  Activities will be going on and former Electra alumni will be coming to town.  Each day there will be a dress-up day, so be sure to take part in that.  I love this time of year!  So much going on, and a time when people come together.  I know that God must love it too!

Attention 7th Grade!!!!

This week the 6th grade will begin setting up their sites.  The 6th grade seemed excited when they learned that some of you will be keeping your blogs.  I really appreciate your help.  I know that things have become fast and furious for you over at Jr. High.  If you get a chance, keep us posted on your events and daily activities.   The 6th grade wants to know what Jr. High life is like over there.  If you have pictures that you take at events or during class projects (that the teachers allow), please put them on your site for everyone to see.  I can also make a Jr. High page and display things.  Good luck to the Cubs this Thursday on their first football game against Quanah.  I’ll be there supporting you!  Also I know that the girls have worked hard in volleyball and have already had games.  I would love to see pictures if anyone has any!!!!  Miss you guys and hope you all are enjoying the Jr. High life.  Keep blogging!