Thanksgiving – A Time to Be Grateful and to Reflect

This time of year is so busy for students and their family.  It’s a time of joy and a time that memories are made.  It seems like time flies and life just flies with it.  However that’s a sign that life isn’t boring but filled with excitement.  To me it’s kind of like going on vacation.  You’re so excited to go.  On the trip everyone has so much fun.  Then suddenly you realize….it’s ended.  That’s what our small town is like.  A big old vacation that continues to deliver.  We are so lucky to have the dedicate people that continue on with the old traditions and bring in new ones.

This year Dea Buchanan started the 1st annual Turkey Trot. Again the community came together to make sure the event turned out successful. The PTO, Electra Fire Department, Electra Hospital, ACS Debbie Walton with the frozen turkey and the Air Evac helicopter all pitched in to help.  NJHS also came and worked the event.  Electra Grocery Store and the Electra Fire Department gave donations.  Dea also mentioned that Todd Box and Tim Sawyer made sure the track was in shape and all the lights were working.  She said about 90 students attended along with family members.  Students were asked to bring nonperishable food items which were donated to the HELP office.  Just another great start to another long lasting tradition.

Then what about those Tigers!!!!  They traveled to Colorado City to play Iraan for Area.  The Tigers fought an intense battle.  The Tigers ended a winning season with a score of Tigers 20 and Iraan 41.  But there is no rest for the weary!  Those boys will take off their football uniforms and exchange them for basketball uniforms.  Of course I must mention the Lady Tigers!  A great volleyball season for these ladies.  They too are continuing on, without a blink of an eyelash, to basketball!  Then there’s the band marching at contest and competing in UIL solo and ensemble contest.  Jr. High is also right there along with high school competing in all the seasonal sporting events with just as much dedication.  Students at the elementary and Jr. High are also preparing for UIL events.  This on top of academics!

Walking down the halls of elementary I see students’ work line the walls.  Not just bits and pieces but the walls are full.  So much time and effort from staff in our district to ensure the education of each boy and girl.  I went to school here and graduated.  My children went to school here and graduated.  Now my grandchildren are going to school here. I love this school and this district.  Do we have flaws?  Of course we do.  We are human beings trying to do the best that we can.  Also even on that fantastic vacation there are moments that you want to forget.  However looking back and thinking about my blessings I realize that I’m rich.  Not in money but in family, school family, friends, community, and my students.   This is the best vacation that I’ve been on, and I’m not ready for it to end!

May God bless each and every one of you.  I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Electra Elementary Honors Veterans and Active Military

Today was a day of remembrance and thanks at Electra Elementary.  Above all, it was a day that each student was introduced to the reality of what freedom means and its cost.  Veterans came to the elementary as they yearly do.  So much dedication from this group that yearly comes to touch the lives of the students.  So much history bundled together in a few hours.  History that should be held onto and never forgotten.  Because of this, this dedicated group of men and women yearly make the trip to be honored by the students. 

Donna Soender started the day off by bringing and sharing artifacts from World War I and II.  Her father and grandfather Irby served, and she was gracious enough to stay the entire day so that each student could see and learn about each piece.  The students made class projects that were placed along the hallway to honor and welcome Vets as they entered the building.  Wendy Marsh and Nancy Bigbie’s 4th graded then presented an outstanding tribute to the Veterans in a crowded auditorium. Afterwards a reception was held in the cafeteria.

Today is a day that is close to my heart having my son, Steve Easter, who is still active and my son-in-law, Richard Lacher Jr, a Vet himself, serve our country.  Steve, who went in before 911, is a Tech Sargent in the US Airforce and Richard served in the Navy on the USS Nassau for 4 years. Just as many have or have had, military members have touched our lives in roles of fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, grandmothers, grandfathers, uncles, aunts etc.  Above all their sacrifice will continue to touch the lives of past, present, and future generations. 

The next time you see a Veteran or active military member thank them.  Such a small thing to do for such a gift of freedom.  Above all of this, take the time to talk to one and learn.  Learn and carry that knowledge forward to teach to future generations.  We all must remember that history repeats itself.  Without the dedication of this dying breed, the outcome might be much different.

Thank you to all the Veteran and active military men and women.  I can never pay you back for all of your sacrifices, but I’m grateful that you love America.  May God bless each and every one of you.