Electra Elementary’s ‘Christmas Showcase’ a Success

Last night staff, students, family members and friends filled Electra Elementary for the ‘Christmas Showcase.’  Teachers and students worked hard during the last few weeks to get ready for last night’s big event.  Boy did their work fill the air! The halls were filled with lights, decorations and projects. Classrooms were decorated, and Christmas was all around. The Santa Shop was open for students and parents to come in and get some early Christmas shopping completed.  After touring and making classroom stops, the visitors were then invited into a packed filled auditorium to watch the 2nd and 3rd grade perform Christmas carols.  The performance was spectacular!  Afterwards everyone was invited down to the cafeteria for refreshments.  This was just another great event that was supported by staff, students, family members and community.       

Local Youth Host ‘Tree of Hope’

Cancer knows nor cares about the time of year.  It comes into the lives of its victims when they least expect it.  As it entwines and attacks that victim and begins its path of destruction, it leaves the cancer patient and their love ones hoping and praying for a cure. That’s where two outstanding students from Electra ISD come in.  Deanna Duensing and Sage Buchanan along with the support of Plowing Over Cancer of Electra are hosting the ‘Tree of Hope.’  For every $10 donated, a light bulb will be placed on the ‘Tree of Hope.’  The bulb will be lit in either pink or purple.  Donations can be made in memory of, in honor of, or anyone can just make a donation to support the Relay for Cancer.  December 18, 2015 will be the due date for all donations.  The order form can be found online on the American Cancer Society’s website.  If you would like to see the ‘Tree of Hope, the tree’s location is at 204 W. Cleveland.  For more information watch Deanna and Sage’s interview below with channel 3.  You can also contact Jason Duensing at (940)733-7208 or Dea Buchanan at (940)631-2172.

Whoo Hoo… What About Those Tigers!!!


This week Electra’s Athletic Director, Coach Todd Doughty, sent out an email to the district listing the players that have received recognition to the All-District Football Team and the All-Academic Team.  Coach Doughty stated that they were a great group of kids to work with, and I have to agree.  I’ve had many of these wonderful young men in my class. Not only was it a pleasure to have them in class but an honor as well. I just wanted to share list the that Coach Doughty sent out.

                                                2015 ALL DISTRICT FOOTBALL TEAM

                                                                 7-2A DIVISION 2

Markeis Lee

Montana Hernandez

1ST TEAM OFFENSE                                                                1st TEAM DEFENSE
Tight End – Xavier Waggoner                                                     Defensive Line – Xavier Waggoner
Outside LB – Drake Cooper
Defensive Back – Zairy Hargrove

2nd TEAM OFFENSE                                                             2nd TEAM DEFENSE
Running Back – Drake Cooper                                                  Defensive End – Clayton Holmes
Receiver – Clayton Holmes                                                        Defensive Back – Brady Doss
Offensive Line – Camryn Cato

HONORABLE MENTION                                                       HONORABLE MENTION
Receiver – Zairy Hargrove                                                          Linebacker – Caleb Josefy
Receiver – Brady Doss                                                                Defensive Line – Josh Sosebee
Offensive Line – Bodi Gilbert                                                      Defensive Line – Tim Smith
Offensive Line – Cody Heller                                                      Defensive Back – Jason Hopkins
Defensive Back – Andrew Marsh

ACADEMIC ALL DISTRICT                                                UTILITY PLAYER
Camryn Cato                                                                          Kody Nason
Drake Cooper
Clayton Holmes
Andrew Marsh
Chris Sun


Wichita Falls Times Record News Captures the True Heart of Electra

Yesterday we received an email from Scott Hogue, our Superintendent.  He asked us to read an article that was written about our district by Bridget Knight from the Wichita Falls Times Record News.  It was so refreshing to see that Bridget Knight captured our community’s true heart.  Just reading each word and looking at her pictures filled me with excitement and appreciation for our little town.  In the conclusion of the article Mr. Hogue talks of the negative press Electra has had to deal with and how that bothered the citizens.  He went on to say, ‘We value our children.’ That’s what we’re about.”  Rather me telling you about the article, take the time and read it for yourself.  For once we have something positive being said about Electra, and I would like to thank Bridge Knight and the Wichita Falls Times Record News.

(Click the link to go to the story)