Decades of Learning Echo Through the Halls of Our Schools

     This is my 25th year to teach at Electra ISD. Just like you, I walked the halls of the schools in Electra, and graduated from Electra High School. I attended Midwestern and graduated with a degree in Elementary Education with an emphasis in math. I have a certification in Computer Technology early childhood through 12th grade. Most people remember me teaching math and science for many years. It’s very possible I taught some of your parents!!!
      I have three children. My oldest is my son, Stephen, who has been in the military for several years and continues to serve. He has two daughters, Lily and Callie. Next is Laura Lee who is in the medical field. She has two boys, Austin and Hayden. Finally there is Krystal who is also in the medical field and she has one son, Gabe. All three of my children also went to school and graduated from Electra. Laura Lee moved back to Electra so that her children could attend Electra, and Gabe is also attending. Oh I can’t leave out my little fur baby Yorkie, Gizmo. He’s a big part of our family!  Whether you may know it or not, there are several of  your teachers and school faculty that also went to Electra and sat in the same rooms you sit in today. They may have taught a family member of yours or gone to school with that family member. The neat thing about this; we all have something in common. Maybe each of us did it at a different time, but we did experience it at the same place. I for one want to make this a time that you will look back on with joy and a great learning experience. I look forward to a great year, and I’m so excited that you’re in my class!



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