5th and 6th Grade Travel Through History

Wednesday, May 19, 2016, the 5th and 6th graders traveled to Wichita Falls for their end of the year field trip.  Coach Turner arranged a day that exposed students to the historical events of our area and nation.  The first stop was at the Museum of North Texas History.  The museum was filled with rooms of artifacts that told stories of the surrounding area and our nation.  The students were divided into groups and guided through the museum by the museum’s docent that told stories and the history behind artifacts and displays that filled the rooms.  After a stop at Cicis Pizza, the students then were taken to the Wichita Falls Regional Airport.  The group was met at the door by a guide that explained the procedures and activities of the airport.  Then the group was guided to the airport’s Jenny to Jet Exhibit which was an extension of the Museum of North Texas History.  The exhibit was established to honor the brave men who trained in Wichita Falls at the World War I Army Air Corp base known as Call Field from 1917-1918.

Click here to visit the Museum of North Texas History

Click here to visit the Jenny to Jet Exhibit