A New Respect and So Many Memories

     We finally made it back from our San Antonio/Austin trip this morning around 2:00 am.  I can’t believe that with all of the weeks of preparations that the last two days flew by in just a whirlwind.  I’ve always known that so many hours and so many people invested their time and hearts in this venture.  Each year for the last 12 years I’ve watched adults and students work and give so much dedication.  However it took a trip with this group for me to realize the true meaning of why the same group of adults do this year after year.  Also many of the adults no longer have students in the 6th grade.  They continue to do this for the love of passing history down to the students and seeing the light come on in their eyes.  I’m so weak in the field of history, but I love hearing about it.  Mrs. Bigbie knows so much.  I loved walking around and listening as she told about historical facts.  Everything came to life.  I was also amazed that Electra has gained such a well-known reputation in our State Capital and at the Alamo over the last 12 years.  Our district should be so proud.  I know I was in awe and gained such a new respect for the program that Mrs. Davis and Mrs. Bigbie established. I made so many new memories that I will keep with me forever.  I’m proud of each of the students, and will never forget our special time together.


Texas Lone Star Kids’ Dress Rehearsal

     Today the 6th graders presented a dress rehearsal of the Texas Play for family and friends.  The students did a great job along with the help from Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Bigbie, Ms. Ward, Ashley Ward, and countless others.  The students will be traveling to San Antonio and Austin on March 1 and March 2 to present the play.  Below are just a few clips of the play. 

Gabe and Lauren!

Gabe and Lauren stopped by my classroom before they left with Mrs. Davis today.  They had lunch at the Chamber of Commerce where they portrayed Travis and Susanna Dickinson.   They also asked for donations for the trip at Waggoner National Bank and the Pilgrim Bank.  All of the 6th grade class has been working very hard getting ready for the Texas trip to San Antonio.

gabe and lauren