Halloween R.I.F. at Elementary

Today Mr. Clark came to the elementary to conduct the fall R.I.F. with the help of Whitney Hernandez and Christina Rodgers.  Students from each grade level gathered around and selected a book that they were allowed to keep.  Each student was then given a Halloween bag filled with goodies.  During the year Mr. Clark makes several trips to the elementary to conduct R.I.F.  This is something he has done faithfully for years going well beyond his retirement.  Through Mr. Clark’s dedication and with the support of the community, over the years countless books have fallen in the hands of students.  Through his dedication, the fundamentals of reading will continue to be an important part in a child’s education.   

Spooktacular Morning with the Tigers and the Cheerleaders at the Elementary

If you walked into Electra Elementary this morning, you most definitely needed to have your best game face on.  There were ghost and goblins around every corner.  Who would have guessed that the elementary was haunted.  However all was well because the Electra Tigers and cheerleaders made their usual Friday visit to the delight of the little elementary ghouls.  Even Mother Nature helped out to supply the ghoulish backdrop with her pouring rain.  The cheerleaders rushed out with umbrellas in hand to each car to escort students up to the door to keep them dry.  Meanwhile the Tigers were walking around the cafeteria and visiting with the elementary students.  So much going was going on and excitement filled the air.  So many memories were being made.  This morning was a small example of what a wonderful district and a wonderful school body we have.  I’m so proud of our Tigers and cheerleaders.  Thank you for all you do.  Also thank you to your sponsors.  All I can say is “What about those Tigers….and those cheerleaders!!!!”  💕