I hope that you all have a happy Easter!


Spring has sprung and Easter is almost here!  Time is definitely flying.  It seems like the other day, we were making our haunted houses for Halloween.  Time needs to slow down.  I’m not ready for you all to leave.  I know you’re excited about going to high school.  Gabe talks about it more and more!  I try not to think about it!!!!  You’re a good group!  May God bless you this Easter and may the blessing flow on to the coming year.  You all deserve it. 🙂

Such a Busy Time!!!!


    I know that everyone have been so busy!  The STAAR test is coming, baseball, spring events, and life in general.  I’m still trying to get the Texas pictures on the site so that everyone can see them and get a copy if they want.  That has been a major ordeal, and I keep finding stumbling blocks along the way.  Now we are also having trouble with the browsers and can’t use the dashboards to see to post or add anything to the sites.  Like the old saying goes…”when it rains, it pours!”  However, we are making it.  We always do cause I’ve discovered if there is a will there is always a way.  I just want to hang on to these last few months a little bit longer cause I don’t want to lose the 6th grade. They are a great group. It’s really been a good year.