Electra Texas Lone Star Kids – Bringing Pride and Respect to Electra for the 13th Year




   March 1st and 2nd, the  6th Grade made the 13th annual trip to San Antonio and Austin to present a musical rendition of how Texas won their Independence. The group, known as the Electra Texas Lone Star Kids, presented March 1st at the Alamo and again March 2nd at the State Capitol in San Antonio.  K. R. Wood, a former student of Electra, wrote the musical, and annually performs along with the students. Fran Davis and Nancy Bigbie, along with others, continually support and pour countless hours into this endeavor. Because of their dedication, Electra has a standing invitation for years to come.

      Fran Davis, who is retired, continually comes back  for the love of the students and the love of teaching history. Right there by her side is Nancy Bigbie.  Yearly Pam and Ashley Ward, Leann Ray, Diane Graham, and Joyce and William Light put in countless hours. I told this last year and I will continue to tell this about William.  My daughter was talking to William in San Antonio the year we went. He told her that he “lived for this,” and that he loved to see the “light come on in their eyes.” Also their families came to help. This year 28 adults traveled along with the students!  Then you have K. R. Wood there. All there for the children….all there for Electra.  

     I can’t begin to tell you the job that each one did.  Until you see it, you can’t imagine.  I can tell you that it’s done with true caring and a love of history.    By the way, everyone paid to go.  Even the ones that’s been going for years.  They also bought cookie dough and raffle tickets from students so they could go.   I wish we could have more times as these.  I enjoyed the year I got to go with my students, grandson, teacher friends, parent friends and my daughter!  I made so many keepsake memories that I said I would put in my treasure chest that I keep tucked away in my heart.  I hope to go again and make more.  Things like this is the heart of Electra.  We need to keep it beating.



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