Enjoy Your Last Days In Elementary

  I know that spring fever has set in.  This time of the year it always does.  I begin to hear students talk about wanting school to end, and how they are worried about the STAAR test.  I know that you feel like you have so much to do and there’s a lot expected of you.  The fact of the matter is, you’re correct.  However, you’re a smart group that can handle anything that comes your way.  So calm down, don’t worry about the tests, and enjoy your last days in elementary.  You will never get to come back to these days again for the rest of your lives.  Hang on and memorize each second.  They will pass by so fast.  One day you will wish you had them back for just one more hour again.  Time begins to fly faster and faster each year.  Today it’s elementary…tomorrow its Jr. High..then High School.  Do you remember the first day that you walked into kindergarten.  I remember walking into Mrs. Hoff’s room with Gabe and Korby was in there. They were both so little.   Seems like yesterday.  Now you’re in 6th grade about to go to Jr. High.   Try to make a few lasting memories before you go.  It’ll be over before you know it, and then elementary will be in you past. 

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