Relay for Life – May 15, 2015


Relay for Life is May 15, 2015 here in Electra. If you’ve noticed, there have been announcements that the class that buys the most cupcakes will get a cupcake party! Gabe and I are on Mrs. Buchanan’s team, “Plowing Over Cancer.”  Cancer has touched many members of our family. My grandmother, grandfather, dad, mother-in-law, two uncles, grandmother on my husband’s side, and mother all have had cancer. Many of these died from this terrible illness. I love all of these people dearly, but the one that Gabe and I fought so hard for was my mother and the one that he called “mamma.” We called ourselves the “three amigos.” We went everywhere together, and she lived with us to the end. Her battle with cancer was a hard one. Her cancer would hit different parts of her body. She would get that spot free of cancer only to have it show up in another spot on her body. She fought and won for six years. Finally it settled in her face and shoulder. She lost her battle on February 8, 2012. “Mamma’s” story isn’t really any different than any others or any that you may have experienced in your own family. It’s so sad that children your age have to watch or even go through the effects of cancer. We all need to put out the word to the community to come support the Relay for Life May 15. Teams will be doing fund raiser and remember the cupcakes here at school!!!! Lets all do what we can to “Plow Over Cancer.” I don’t want anyone else to have to go through what these precious souls had to.



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  1. I have a lot a family with cancer

    • I’m sorry that you and Gabe had to deal with something like that at such a young age. I started dealing with it young like you. Maybe one day they will find a cure and your children will not know the pain of cancer.

  2. so I feel the same way

  3. i fill bad for you my uncle died of lung my grandma had it to and grandpa they both survived it but almost died

    • Cancer has touched so many families. I’m sorry that you also had to experience it. One day they will hopefully find a cure. I’m so glad that your grandma and grandpa are survivors! I know that had to fight a hard battle.

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