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Electra Elementary Choir Performs

Today, 5-24-16, the Electra Elementary Choir performed for the school.  This is the first year for the choir, and students from grades 3rd through 6th were invited to join.  Under the direction of Nancy Bigbie and with the help of Maggie Kieren and Patty Kay Bruce, the students met twice a week at 7:30 to practice.  They have already made several public appearances and will perform at the high school graduation.  During today’s performance, the choir sang a series of songs that included “The Star Spangle Banner,” “This Land is Your Land” and “Yellow Submarine.”  Kadyn Byrd sang “Let It Go” from the movie Frozen with the choir backing her up.  Also Maddy Marsh sang a song from the movie, Cinderella, called “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes.”  The choir was superb. The staff and students thoroughly enjoyed their performance. 

Electra Elementary Fun and Run

The annual Electra Elementary Fun and Run was conducted Monday, 5-23-16. Through the planning and hard work of Dea Buchanan, students enjoyed an afternoon of fun-filled games.  With the help of high school’s NHS, stations were setup outside of the school, gym, and halls for students to participate in.  Students enjoyed stations filled with chalk writing, bubble blowing, scooter racing, sponge race, and so much more.  To top the afternoon off, students, staff, and workers were treated with a stop by the Kona Ice truck to receive a snow cone.  Even though Dea was faced with planning and then having to reschedule the event’s time because of weather, in my opinion this turned out to be one of the best Fun and Runs the district has conducted.  I know that the students had a great time and on behalf of them and our school, I would like to thank Dea Buchanan for her continual dedication to our community. 

5th and 6th Grade Travel Through History

Wednesday, May 19, 2016, the 5th and 6th graders traveled to Wichita Falls for their end of the year field trip.  Coach Turner arranged a day that exposed students to the historical events of our area and nation.  The first stop was at the Museum of North Texas History.  The museum was filled with rooms of artifacts that told stories of the surrounding area and our nation.  The students were divided into groups and guided through the museum by the museum’s docent that told stories and the history behind artifacts and displays that filled the rooms.  After a stop at Cicis Pizza, the students then were taken to the Wichita Falls Regional Airport.  The group was met at the door by a guide that explained the procedures and activities of the airport.  Then the group was guided to the airport’s Jenny to Jet Exhibit which was an extension of the Museum of North Texas History.  The exhibit was established to honor the brave men who trained in Wichita Falls at the World War I Army Air Corp base known as Call Field from 1917-1918.

Click here to visit the Museum of North Texas History

Click here to visit the Jenny to Jet Exhibit


Channel 3’s Kevin Selle Visit Electra Elementary

Coach Gilliam invited Kevin Selle, Channel 3 meteorologist, to come to Electra Elementary today to talk to her 4th through 6th grade science classes.   Mr. Selle talked to the students about weather and the conditions that involve weather.  He performed several weather experiments which involved the students.  Mr. Selle brought a weather balloon to show the students and explained how the US receives vital weather information from the weather balloon at sunrise and at sunset.   He also explained how our local television station presents the weather using a green wall, televisions, prompters, and a special TV camera.  The students and staff of Electra Elementary thoroughly enjoyed having Mr. Kevin Selle visit our school. 

Local Texas Game Wardens Teach Boating Safety at Electra Elementary

Texas Parks and Wildlife came to Electra Elementary on Friday, April 29, 2016 to teach the students about boating safety. With summer getting close, Game Warden McMahan, Game Warden Reed, and Game Warden Key taught the students how to wear life jackets, laws for boating, hypothermia, and how to tell if a person is drowning. They stressed to the students to never enter the water to save a drowning person but for them to use the method of reach, throw, and go get help. Through instruction and contest the students gained valuable information for the water.

Electra Class Teachers’ Present “Once Upon A Time…..”

Through the leadership of Mrs. Nancy Bigbie, Electra Classroom Teachers, with the help of the Electra Elementary students, presented “Once Upon A Time…….In A Magical Kingdom” on 4-28-2016.  Mrs. Fran Davis dressed as the Fairy Godmother was the Master of Ceremonies.  The night started off with the introduction of the Mr. and Mrs. EHS, Most Typical Boy and Girl, Favorites, and Beauties and Handsomes.  Most Handsome was awarded to Andrew Marsh and Most Beautiful was awarded to Ashlyn Prickett.  The Classroom Teachers’ Scholarship was then awarded to Brady Doss.  The Tiger Pride Ensemble also performed for the audience during the intermission.  The Electra Elementary’s 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 6th grade filled the night with song, dance and laughter as they performed scenes from Disney’s classics


Annual Electra Relay for Life a Success

Saturday, April 9, 2016, the annual Electra Relay for Life was held at the Electra Elementary. The event was a day filled with fun, games, thanks and remembrance.  Following the relay events, a lunch in honor of the survivors was given. The event ended with the lighting of the luminaries where names were read of those who survived and those who lost their battle with cancer.  Through the hard work and dedication of Dea Buchanan, the event brings awareness and the hope to end this devastating disease.

K. R. Woods Visits Electra Elementary

K. R. Woods, the creator and producer of the Texas Lone Star production, presented a medley of songs to the Electra Elementary students on April 5, 2016. The program was filled with fun and laughter as he invited students to come up on the stage.  Mr. Woods ended the program singing songs from the Texas production with this year’s Texas Lone Star Kids, 6th grade. 

13th Annual 6th Grade Texas Lone Star Kids Dress Rehearsal

Family, friends, and community gathered this Sunday, 2-28-2016, to watch as the 6th grade presented the 13th annual Lone Star Kids Dress Rehearsal.  Under the direction of Mrs. Nancy Bigbie, the students performed flawlessly.  The crowd watched as the story of Texas’ independence was told through song and music.  At the end, a drawing was held along with a silent auction.  The students will be traveling to Austin and San Antonio this week to perform.