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Electra Elementary Honors Veterans and Active Military

Today was a day of remembrance and thanks at Electra Elementary.  Above all, it was a day that each student was introduced to the reality of what freedom means and its cost.  Veterans came to the elementary as they yearly do.  So much dedication from this group that yearly comes to touch the lives of the students.  So much history bundled together in a few hours.  History that should be held onto and never forgotten.  Because of this, this dedicated group of men and women yearly make the trip to be honored by the students. 

Donna Soender started the day off by bringing and sharing artifacts from World War I and II.  Her father and grandfather Irby served, and she was gracious enough to stay the entire day so that each student could see and learn about each piece.  The students made class projects that were placed along the hallway to honor and welcome Vets as they entered the building.  Wendy Marsh and Nancy Bigbie’s 4th graded then presented an outstanding tribute to the Veterans in a crowded auditorium. Afterwards a reception was held in the cafeteria.

Today is a day that is close to my heart having my son, Steve Easter, who is still active and my son-in-law, Richard Lacher Jr, a Vet himself, serve our country.  Steve, who went in before 911, is a Tech Sargent in the US Airforce and Richard served in the Navy on the USS Nassau for 4 years. Just as many have or have had, military members have touched our lives in roles of fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, grandmothers, grandfathers, uncles, aunts etc.  Above all their sacrifice will continue to touch the lives of past, present, and future generations. 

The next time you see a Veteran or active military member thank them.  Such a small thing to do for such a gift of freedom.  Above all of this, take the time to talk to one and learn.  Learn and carry that knowledge forward to teach to future generations.  We all must remember that history repeats itself.  Without the dedication of this dying breed, the outcome might be much different.

Thank you to all the Veteran and active military men and women.  I can never pay you back for all of your sacrifices, but I’m grateful that you love America.  May God bless each and every one of you.

Tiger Spirit Alive for Electra’s Homecoming


        Town bustled Friday and Saturday with all of the Homecoming activities.  EHS Tiger spirit was alive and well in our small town.  It’s amazing how our small community works so hard to pull this yearly event off.  But…of course our town is amazing and so are the people of Electra.
        The Friday night’s game against Archer City just shows that our Tigers are a force to be reckoned with!  The Tigers secured a win again Archer City with a score of 34 to 14.  Then of course at half-time the band marched out on the field presenting the former Exes and the 2015 Homecoming court.  Hannah Daniels was crowned this year’s Homecoming queen.
        The Homecoming parade started out slightly wet Saturday.  However the people rallied together and were real troopers.  The parade went as planned.  It was spectacular as usual.  After the parade, you could walk down town for a car show, eat at the Chuck Wagon feed, check the Grand Theatre auction out, shop and buy from the from our local businesses and/or the community members that had setup small booths, or just visit.
        I heard someone comment that the “hometown atmosphere” in Electra never goes away.  I for one am proud of our small town and it’s people.  The town has a heart that beats from each of it’s citizens.  That is why Electra keeps going and it’s traditions live on.



I Hope You Have a Great First Day


Summer is already over and the first day of school is here!  Where did the summer go?  I hope that all of you had a fantastic summer. Last year’s Techy Tigers are moving across town to a new school, and starting a new chapter in their lives.  Things will start getting a little busier for them, and things may seem somewhat overwhelming yet exciting. Over the summer I had an idea of how I would like the Original Techy Techs to continue blogging with this year’s incoming 6th graders.  I thought it would be neat for them to see what 7th grade life is like, and of course I would love to continue blogging with you.  I’ve talked this over with Gabe, and he’s going to tell you more about it for me.  If you would like to, then just continue as usual.  If you don’t want to take part, tell Gabe or email me at my cub email (Gabe can give it to you if you have forgotten my address), and I will take you off the class roster.  If I have several of you to stay with me, I want to add a 7th grade page with 7th grade events to our site.  If you have pictures that you want me to add or announcements that need to be made, we can make it on that page.  We can add and change it throughout the year.  We can do as much or as little as the group wants.  

I know that the new 6th graders will be a great addition to our website.  I’ve already seen their talent in class last year.  I’m very excited about this year.  With 6th and 7th grade combined abilities,  I’m looking forward to seeing what this year unfolds!    





Electra Classroom Benefit Pictures Ready to Download from My Site

After a battle with the weather, I finally have the ECTA Benefit pictures for download up on my www.techytigers.com site if anyone wants them.  As I stated earlier, I have over 200 pictures of the benefit that can be downloaded at full resolution.  I did not take them with the intend of being professional and did not touch anything up.  I uploaded everything, blurry and all, so anyone can just pick and choose.  The students are so cute.  Mrs. Bigbie did a great job with the benefit.  I hope there’s a picture you might want that keep that memory alive for years to come!

Major Storm Hits Electra This Weekend!

Friday around 5:20 pm a major weather cell entered into Electra and it was a nightmare! My son, Steve who is stationed at Altus, watched it from his base radar as it came across Electra. I was on the phone with him as he watched the tornado and he gave me a play by play move of its position. Fortunately it did make a hook and turn and go toward Burkburnett and then out toward Oklahoma along the Red River line. However we did get trapped in over 80 to 95 mph winds which caused funnels all around. This in itself caused great damage to our community as you are all aware of.  Steve said that on the base their radar showed that the cell spread twice the size than what was showing on the news.

There are so many people that need to be thanked for their countless time that they have put in to keep our community going. The weather advisory, city and power crews, fireman, policeman, sheriff department, medical field, and countless others that I have failed to mention. Also it’s wonderful to have family and friends. Our little neighborhood was trying to relay information to each. As I would get updates from Steve, I would try to give them to our neighbors, and they would tell me what they knew (in the small amount of time that we had). Because of all the information that was supplied by the media, storm watchers, military, weather advisory, etc. no lives were lost. We lost electricity for a day, but that’s a small price to pay. I’m just grateful for the workers that put in the countless hours to get the electricity back on! I look at others places that have been leveled to the ground and think that we are so lucky for the minor damage. God has blessed us.



The Electra Classroom Teachers’ Benefit Was a Huge Hit!!!!

I thoroughly enjoyed the Electra Classroom Teachers’ Benefit last night.  Everyone of you that participated did a fantastic job!  Also Mrs. Bigbie and all of the teachers that helped need to be commended.  It’s not easy to pull off such an event.  The high school royalty looked great.  Our scholarship went to Treyce Cook, and I could not have been prouder.  I know that Treyce will make Electra ISD proud and will represent our district well. 

The Electra Classroom Teachers’ Benefit is a traditional annual community event for our school system.  Mrs. Wright, the lady who was the master of ceremony, was one of the recipients of the scholarships. I can remember being in high school and watching the event.  I also remember my own kids participating in the event.  Now I get to see my grandchildren participating.  Chances are you also have family members that have participated in the benefit.  That’s one of the neat things about living in our small district is that we have traditions that we carry out from generation to generation.  That’s the reason I chose to stay here, and I love this school. That’s also the reason that one of my daughters, Laura, and her husband chose to move back here with her two boys.  She loved our school.  There are benefits to small towns and small schools!!!

I just want to say again…Good job Electra Elementary!  Also Electra High school looked fantastic.  Everyone worked hard and made Electra ISD proud.  The teachers appreciate the community coming and supporting  the students and the benefit. Get ready because Mrs. Bigbie is already writing ideas down for next year!