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K. R. Woods Visits Electra Elementary

K. R. Woods, the creator and producer of the Texas Lone Star production, presented a medley of songs to the Electra Elementary students on April 5, 2016. The program was filled with fun and laughter as he invited students to come up on the stage.  Mr. Woods ended the program singing songs from the Texas production with this year’s Texas Lone Star Kids, 6th grade. 

I Hope You Have a Great First Day


Summer is already over and the first day of school is here!  Where did the summer go?  I hope that all of you had a fantastic summer. Last year’s Techy Tigers are moving across town to a new school, and starting a new chapter in their lives.  Things will start getting a little busier for them, and things may seem somewhat overwhelming yet exciting. Over the summer I had an idea of how I would like the Original Techy Techs to continue blogging with this year’s incoming 6th graders.  I thought it would be neat for them to see what 7th grade life is like, and of course I would love to continue blogging with you.  I’ve talked this over with Gabe, and he’s going to tell you more about it for me.  If you would like to, then just continue as usual.  If you don’t want to take part, tell Gabe or email me at my cub email (Gabe can give it to you if you have forgotten my address), and I will take you off the class roster.  If I have several of you to stay with me, I want to add a 7th grade page with 7th grade events to our site.  If you have pictures that you want me to add or announcements that need to be made, we can make it on that page.  We can add and change it throughout the year.  We can do as much or as little as the group wants.  

I know that the new 6th graders will be a great addition to our website.  I’ve already seen their talent in class last year.  I’m very excited about this year.  With 6th and 7th grade combined abilities,  I’m looking forward to seeing what this year unfolds!    





End of the School Year, But It’s Not The End of Us!

I can’t believe that the school year will be over at the end of the week.  This is going to be one of the hardest weeks of my teaching career.  I hate losing this 6th grade!  I know that I have a couple of more grandchildren right behind Gabe.  However, I’ve watched Gabe and many of you grow up right before my eyes.  I actually remember Gabe crawling down these very halls with his blanket as the dismissal bell rang and me not knowing where he was.  Frantically I ran out of my room looking for him only to find him with his blanket clutched tightly in one small fist up against a tiny cheek while he sucked on his finger sitting by the library.  He was intently watching everyone leaving for the day.  As they left, they carefully walked around him and some leaned over and touched him on the head and said “bye Gabe.”   I remember some of you so little and just adventurous.  Many of you played with Gabe in our yard, played baseball with him, started kindergarten with him, and laughed, fought, and at times even shed a tear with him.  I know school isn’t over for you.  You are just entering a new chapter of your life.  For that I’m so happy for you.  You are going to have so much fun in the Jr. High/High School world.  You have the world before you!!!  However, I’m being a little selfish because I don’t want to give you up.  You are a wonderful group, and I’ve really enjoyed you in my class.  Just like Gabe keeps telling me, “Nanny, just hang on.  In a year we will be next door.”  I am going to hang on to that.  Also I know that through Gabe I will continue to see all of you.  Hopefully you will continue to talk to me through our post.  Show the world what I see and what your family sees.  You are the best!!!!  I’m so proud of you, and you all have my heart.  Best of luck!!!!

Original Techy Tigers Albums and Slideshows Link


The original Techy Tigers 2014 - 2015 (3)





Tonight is the Electra Classroom Teachers’ Benefit!!!

It’s finally here…the Electra Classroom Teachers’ Benefit! Many of you have been working so hard and so have the teachers. I know parents, grandparents, family members, and friends can’t wait to watch you perform! I’m going to have my camera ready for that candid shot that I can place on our website to mark your moment of fame. We will also get to see high school’s royalty and see who gets crowned the most beautiful and handsome. Now some of you 6th graders could grab that title right this moment if you ask me! 😛

The time is from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm. The tickets are $3.00 for adults and $2.00 for students. All preschoolers will get in free. If you are in the benefit, there will be no charge for admission. Come with your cameras, your manners, and the intent to have a fantastic time. The program is going to be very entertaining. Mrs. Bigbie has brought back the old classics through old television shows and commercials. For those of you that are in it, I’ve been hearing what great actors you are! So Electra Elementary, Electra ISD, Electra Texas, and the world, come to Electra High School auditorium tonight and see our budding stars and supporting our Electra Classroom Teachers’ Benefit. All proceeds go to a scholarship that is given yearly to support a graduating senior.  Hope to see you there!

Enjoy Your Last Days In Elementary

  I know that spring fever has set in.  This time of the year it always does.  I begin to hear students talk about wanting school to end, and how they are worried about the STAAR test.  I know that you feel like you have so much to do and there’s a lot expected of you.  The fact of the matter is, you’re correct.  However, you’re a smart group that can handle anything that comes your way.  So calm down, don’t worry about the tests, and enjoy your last days in elementary.  You will never get to come back to these days again for the rest of your lives.  Hang on and memorize each second.  They will pass by so fast.  One day you will wish you had them back for just one more hour again.  Time begins to fly faster and faster each year.  Today it’s elementary…tomorrow its Jr. High..then High School.  Do you remember the first day that you walked into kindergarten.  I remember walking into Mrs. Hoff’s room with Gabe and Korby was in there. They were both so little.   Seems like yesterday.  Now you’re in 6th grade about to go to Jr. High.   Try to make a few lasting memories before you go.  It’ll be over before you know it, and then elementary will be in you past. 

Such a Busy Time!!!!


    I know that everyone have been so busy!  The STAAR test is coming, baseball, spring events, and life in general.  I’m still trying to get the Texas pictures on the site so that everyone can see them and get a copy if they want.  That has been a major ordeal, and I keep finding stumbling blocks along the way.  Now we are also having trouble with the browsers and can’t use the dashboards to see to post or add anything to the sites.  Like the old saying goes…”when it rains, it pours!”  However, we are making it.  We always do cause I’ve discovered if there is a will there is always a way.  I just want to hang on to these last few months a little bit longer cause I don’t want to lose the 6th grade. They are a great group. It’s really been a good year. 

Short but busy week so far!

With the students being out Monday, this week seems a little rushed. Right now there is so much that I want 6th grade Tech to learn, and I’m running out of time. I wish I could have them for another year. I dearly love this group of students. They are so neat and know so much about the computer. They are like sponges. Just show it to them and they soak it up. This week I introduced them to a web tool call “Voki.” “Voki” is a talking avatar which you will see on each of the blogs. I keep throwing new things at them, and they keep up with me without a complaint. I keep thinking, “Oh I have to show them this before the year is up, and I have to show them this also…..” I just have so many things I want to show them and so little time. They are a fantastic group!!!!

6th Grade Tech Starts edublog this week!!!!

I’m so excited! This week my 6th grade Tech class is beginning to set up their edublog sites. This group of students are so creative, and I can’t wait to see their first blog. Since this is a “first” for all of us, it will be a fantastic learning experience for everyone. Not only will the students learn, but so will I. Ok Tech class, let’s get ready to blog!