Electra Classroom Benefit Pictures Ready to Download from My Site

After a battle with the weather, I finally have the ECTA Benefit pictures for download up on my www.techytigers.com site if anyone wants them.  As I stated earlier, I have over 200 pictures of the benefit that can be downloaded at full resolution.  I did not take them with the intend of being professional and did not touch anything up.  I uploaded everything, blurry and all, so anyone can just pick and choose.  The students are so cute.  Mrs. Bigbie did a great job with the benefit.  I hope there’s a picture you might want that keep that memory alive for years to come!

Still working on the ECTA Page

Just want everyone to know that I’m still working on the Electra Classroom Teachers’ Benefit page.  The electricity was down due to the storm, and I’ve had a slight delay.  I have over 200 pictures that can be downloaded from my media page if anyone wants them.  I didn’t have time to touch them up but you can download them at full resolution.  I would have taken better pictures if I had of known that more needed them.  I was just taking them for fun and for my site.  However they are there for anyone that wants them.  I’ll put out another post when I have the page up.