The Electra Classroom Teachers’ Benefit Was a Huge Hit!!!!

I thoroughly enjoyed the Electra Classroom Teachers’ Benefit last night.  Everyone of you that participated did a fantastic job!  Also Mrs. Bigbie and all of the teachers that helped need to be commended.  It’s not easy to pull off such an event.  The high school royalty looked great.  Our scholarship went to Treyce Cook, and I could not have been prouder.  I know that Treyce will make Electra ISD proud and will represent our district well. 

The Electra Classroom Teachers’ Benefit is a traditional annual community event for our school system.  Mrs. Wright, the lady who was the master of ceremony, was one of the recipients of the scholarships. I can remember being in high school and watching the event.  I also remember my own kids participating in the event.  Now I get to see my grandchildren participating.  Chances are you also have family members that have participated in the benefit.  That’s one of the neat things about living in our small district is that we have traditions that we carry out from generation to generation.  That’s the reason I chose to stay here, and I love this school. That’s also the reason that one of my daughters, Laura, and her husband chose to move back here with her two boys.  She loved our school.  There are benefits to small towns and small schools!!!

I just want to say again…Good job Electra Elementary!  Also Electra High school looked fantastic.  Everyone worked hard and made Electra ISD proud.  The teachers appreciate the community coming and supporting  the students and the benefit. Get ready because Mrs. Bigbie is already writing ideas down for next year!




Tonight is the Electra Classroom Teachers’ Benefit!!!

It’s finally here…the Electra Classroom Teachers’ Benefit! Many of you have been working so hard and so have the teachers. I know parents, grandparents, family members, and friends can’t wait to watch you perform! I’m going to have my camera ready for that candid shot that I can place on our website to mark your moment of fame. We will also get to see high school’s royalty and see who gets crowned the most beautiful and handsome. Now some of you 6th graders could grab that title right this moment if you ask me! 😛

The time is from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm. The tickets are $3.00 for adults and $2.00 for students. All preschoolers will get in free. If you are in the benefit, there will be no charge for admission. Come with your cameras, your manners, and the intent to have a fantastic time. The program is going to be very entertaining. Mrs. Bigbie has brought back the old classics through old television shows and commercials. For those of you that are in it, I’ve been hearing what great actors you are! So Electra Elementary, Electra ISD, Electra Texas, and the world, come to Electra High School auditorium tonight and see our budding stars and supporting our Electra Classroom Teachers’ Benefit. All proceeds go to a scholarship that is given yearly to support a graduating senior.  Hope to see you there!