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Busy Weekend that Just Kept Going!!!

This weekend was so busy.  However it was so much fun.  Friday school ended early for most of you because of the weather. Gabe and I stayed until the regular time waiting for everyone to be picked up.  Of course we all watched the weather this weekend.  Unfortunately a tornado hit outside of Altus Saturday.  We saw a house destroyed along with a few buildings as we were going to Altus Sunday to attend church with my son and his family.  There were several poles laying over. Gabe’s mom and aunt took pictures in Electra as the storm entered Electra Saturday.  Afterwards, Gabe and I took a trip to Sonic but all seemed well.  The strange thing is right before the storm Gabe and I were playing baseball outside during the day.  This bird kept hanging around the house.  Gabe took several pictures of him.  He would fly away and then come back.  The bird would come very close and just chatter.  I told Gabe that he was trying to tell us something.  He either stayed in the tree by us or flew overhead.  After the storm rolled in, I never saw him again.  And then there was little Gizmo’s adventure Saturday morning.  He had to venture down to the police station and get his annual vaccination.  He was a true trooper!  He did not whimper once!  Gabe and I were so proud of him 🙂 . 

After church Sunday, my daughter and son-in-law wanted us to go to the Lake Arrowhead with them and the rest of the family.  There were so many people there.  It was neat to see the lake that full again.  God is good to give us this rain!  More is suppose to come this week.  Gabe and the others were fishing.  Now that is not my “cup of tea.”  I rather just watch!  However they were catching a bunch of catfish.  Pops, my son-in-law’s dad, caught a 3 lb. catfish.  We stayed until  the sun starting setting.  It was so pretty on the water.  It was one of the nicest weekends that I’ve had in a long time! 


Major Storm Hits Electra This Weekend!

Friday around 5:20 pm a major weather cell entered into Electra and it was a nightmare! My son, Steve who is stationed at Altus, watched it from his base radar as it came across Electra. I was on the phone with him as he watched the tornado and he gave me a play by play move of its position. Fortunately it did make a hook and turn and go toward Burkburnett and then out toward Oklahoma along the Red River line. However we did get trapped in over 80 to 95 mph winds which caused funnels all around. This in itself caused great damage to our community as you are all aware of.  Steve said that on the base their radar showed that the cell spread twice the size than what was showing on the news.

There are so many people that need to be thanked for their countless time that they have put in to keep our community going. The weather advisory, city and power crews, fireman, policeman, sheriff department, medical field, and countless others that I have failed to mention. Also it’s wonderful to have family and friends. Our little neighborhood was trying to relay information to each. As I would get updates from Steve, I would try to give them to our neighbors, and they would tell me what they knew (in the small amount of time that we had). Because of all the information that was supplied by the media, storm watchers, military, weather advisory, etc. no lives were lost. We lost electricity for a day, but that’s a small price to pay. I’m just grateful for the workers that put in the countless hours to get the electricity back on! I look at others places that have been leveled to the ground and think that we are so lucky for the minor damage. God has blessed us.